Supernatural Season 3 Episode 14 : Long-Distance Call

Sam and Dean search for a Crocotta that uses the phone and computer as a means to communicate with people. Its goal is to get people to commit suicide and take their soul. Dean gets some news from an unlikely source about a demon holding the contract to his soul.

NameSupernatural Season 3 Episode 14: Long-Distance Call
Air DateMay 1st, 2008
GenresDrama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
NetworksThe WB, The CW
Production CompaniesKripke Enterprises, Supernatural Films, Wonderland Sound and Vision, Warner Bros. Television
WritersJeremy Carver, Sera Gamble
DirectorsCharles Beeson, Robert Singer
Guest StarsJeffrey Dean Morgan, Tom O'Brien, Anjul Nigam, Cherilyn Wilson, Eric Breker, Ingrid Torrance, John Shaw, David Neale, Anna Mae Routledge, Dawson Dunbar, Thomas Michael Dobie
Plot Keywordsmonster, angel, supernatural, exorcism, paranormal, demon, ghost, reference to god
Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles
Dean Winchester
Jared Padalecki
Jared Padalecki
Sam Winchester

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